My first boyfriend

My first boyfriend  

boyfriend:When I was seventeen, I fell head over heels in love with a boy I went to high school with. He was n‘t the most popular boy in school, or the smartest, or the most athletic , or even the wealthiest. But he was the funniest. He used to m ake me laugh so much my whole body woul d ac he, and I woul d have to beg him to stop. E ven as I write this, fifteen years later, I still have fond memories of that boy , and I am smiling right now thinking about him and the way he used to mak e me laugh. Of course, at that age, my parents didn‘t agree wit h anything I di d, and hanging around with this boy was no exception.  I rem ember the first time my dad dropped me off at his house. Of course, my dad was very rel uctant to let me even go to a young boy‘s house al one, but I was seventeen and there was n‘t much he coul d do about it—apart from gi vi ng me one hundred lectures on the dangers of adolescent boys .  boyfriend:As we drove up to the boy‘s house on a council estate in the UK, my father eyed the area with caution and asked me, ‗What in the hell do you see in this boy  any way?‘  I ans wered very honestly with, ‗He makes me laugh, Dad.‘  My dad responded i nstantaneously with, ‗Yes, well, so does a f**king clown.‘  One year later, after a horri ble breakup and what I thought was the end of the worl d, I had sex with the boy‘s brot her, and that was the end of that. After that experience, I decided my dad was right: my next boyfriend shoul d not resembl e a clown.  ‗Never look back. If Cinderella had stopped to pick up her shoe she may have not become a princess.‘ — Unknown.

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