Dramatic moment 15 speeding cyclists collapse like dominoes and kiss the concrete during a New York bike race

Dramatic moment 15 speeding cyclists collapse like dominoes and kiss the concrete during a New York bike race

cyclists collapse:A dramatic pile-up of 15 pro-cyclists – some flipping high over their handlebars – was caught on video in New York on Saturday night.

The Red Hook Criterium women’s final had recently started when the pile-up halted many riders’ progress.

The 22 lap race which had 100 cyclists was held on Saturday night in Brooklyn where unsuspecting onlookers got a little more action than they bargained for.

At first, the cyclists glide smoothly past the camera until one cyclist appears to hit the rail and slips which causes the most dramatic pile up.

Riders and their bikes first fold under each other like crashing dominoes but as the pile of people and bikes mounts up quickly, people who hit the group fly up into the air before joining their fallen competitors on the cold, hard concrete.

Crash landing: One cyclists first falls accross the path of other competitors, who then fall too which sets off a domino-like chain reaction causing a dramatic pile-up on the concrete

Some cyclists looked like they hit the concrete hard and lay on the ground as the carnage continued behind them. Some cyclists flew over their handlebars as they hit the pile up

The video definitely proved how one small glitch in a larger system can bring the whole thing crashing down violently.

Some of the riders catch some serious air before the more intrepid crash victims jump up and continue with the race.

cyclists collapse:Slowly, those slightly more dazed – and possibly injured riders  – get up and rejoin the race.

One cyclist deftly smashes her seat back into place as it had twisted askew in the dramatic crash before joining the race again.

Other cyclists ask each other if they’re ok, and one rider asks the onlookers for a multitool – a metal penknife-like object – to fix her bike.

The Red Hook Crit is an annual criterium cycle race held in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

London – at the at the Greenwich Peninsula, Barcelona and Milan also host the race.

The riders started to get up after the initial shock wore off and some of them got back on their bikes again and rejoined the race

cyclists collapse:Some cyclists asked each other if they were okay after the crash, and one rider asked the onlookers for a multitool to fix her bike which was presumably damaged in the crash


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