Kumkum Bhagya, February 13, Written Update: Abhi Saves Pragya’s Life

Kumkum Bhagya, February 13, Written Update: Abhi Saves Pragya's Life

Kumkum Bhagya:The Kumkum Bhagya episode on February 13 opened with Abhi looking for Pragya, who has got locked inside a cold storage, courtesy Alia and Tanu. Abhi asked the waiters and other guests at the party hosted by the Mehra’s about Pragya’s whereabouts, but he didn’t get any clue. Meanwhile, Alia and Tanu check the CCTV footages of the place where Pragya is locked. Nikhil then entered the room and informed that he has executed their plan of murdering Pragya according to what they decided. Alia and Tanu were happy to see Pragya helpless and waited for her death. Alia then said once Pragya is dead, Tanu can marry Abhi and as a result, their life would be sorted.

Meanwhile, Purab, daadi and Daasi, who did not find Pragya and Abhi around got happy about the fact that both of them are spending time together and wished that they go out.

Abhi started searching for Pragya everywhere while she figured out ways to come out of the cold storage. Pragya saw Abhi but couldn’t reach out to him due to the locked doors. Meanwhile, Alia, Tanu and Nikhil celebrated their ‘victory’ and mocked at Pragya’s plight.

On finding Pragya’s watch, Abhi thought of checking the cold storage, where he finally found her, where she was lying unconscious. Abhi asked her how she came there, but she couldn’t answer. Meanwhile, Alia, Tanu and Nikhil, who were celebrating their success, learnt that Abhi has reached the cold storage and has rescued Pragya. Alia lashed out at Nikhil for leaving clues for Abhi, which as a result has risked her brother’s life.
The cold storage where Abhi and Pragya were got locked. Abhi later called Purab and Alia for help, but, couldn’t reach to them.

Abhi, however, was successful in saving Pragya’s life and told her that he would not let her go so easily as Pragya means a lot to Abhi.

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