SRK, AbRam’s sweet conversation will brighten your day

SRK, AbRam's sweet conversation will brighten your day

SRK, AbRam’s sweet conversation will brighten your day

Shah Rukh Khan:Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and his little munchkin AbRam are undoubtedly one of the sweetest dad-son duos of Bollywood, and their latest interaction didn’t go unnoticed.

Captured during the filming of a video interview, Shah Rukh Khan and AbRam are seen engaged in a very cute moment, where the young Khan tells the Bollywood icon about how his thumb aches. Immediately, the loving father calls him over to the set, and caresses and kisses the child’s fingers, which seems to bring his world back to normal.

“Now it’s fixed?” SRK asks, and little AbRam responds, “Yes, it’s fixed.”

Interspersing the conversation with motor sounds with his mouth, the Bollywood romance king then says, “Now we’re going shooting, okay? In the open car.” And the tiny human replies, “Papa, I’m ready”

SRK then comments, “I’m also ready. Same same, we’re ready to go. Ready to rock ‘n’ roll. I love you!”

Towards the end, Shah Rukh Khan entertains AbRam with some finger magic tricks, and resumes his interview.

AbRam made rounds online earlier as well, when it was disclosed that he urged his father with ‘go pappa go’ chants as he watched SRK-Mahira Khan-starrer Raees. He also loves dancing to the song Laila Main Laila whenever it plays.

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