Venezuelans Protest the Maduro Regime in Widespread Rallies

Venezuelans Protest the Maduro Regime in Widespread Rallies

Venezuelans Protest the Maduro Regime in Widespread Rallies

Widespread Rallies:Hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered throughout Venezuela on Wednesday to express their opposition of the current president, Nicolas Maduro. In what has been deemed a “Takeover of Venezuela,” the capital city flooded with people in white, carrying Venezuelan flags, and chanting, “This government is going to fall!”

The protests come on the heels of a highly unpopular decision from Venezuela’s National Electoral Council to indefinitely suspend a referendum to recall Maduro. Although Maduro remains in power, recent polls show that around 80 percent of voters would like to see him ousted in the coming year.

Since assuming office in 2013, Maduro has been accused of carrying out an authoritarian regime by jailing opposition leaders and limiting access to newspapers that speak critically of his government. Venezuela also faces the worst economic crisis in the nation’s history, a situation for which many hold Maduro responsible.

“This has gone too far,” one protester, carrying a flag with the signatures of opposition leaders, told Reuters on Wednesday. “I do not like confrontation, but we have been too compromising and soft with the government.”

Wednesday’s rallies resulted in clashes between protesters and security forces in several cities. Dozens were injured, according to opposition leaders, and two protesters in Maracaibo were shot. A police officer was shot and killed, as well, while two others were injured. The protests mark yet another milestone in what portends to be a long and heated battle between opposition leaders and the Maduro regime. The leaders have already threatened a national strike on Friday and a march to the presidential palace on November 3 should the Electoral Council continue to suspend the referendum.


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